The existence of our centre and our ability to bring Buddhist teachers to Christchurch is absolutely dependent on contributions from from those who gain benefit from these activities.

We have significant costs to meet in providing the facilities for KCL’s activities including providing and maintaining our dedicated practice space (gompa), flying teachers to Christchurch, and making contributions to our teacher, Lama Assi.

So please carefully consider what you are able to offer - your contributions are greatly appreciated and used very carefully to pay essential costs. This is also an opportunity to practice generosity, which is essential for progress on this path. However, no one should ever feel excluded for financial reasons and all are very welcome.

There is a donation box available at KCL, you may also pay donations directly into our bank account (details below). Let us know if you need a receipt for tax purposes as all donations are tax deductable for New Zealand residents. We are very happy to receive any contributions, large or small.

Regular Contributions

You can support KCL Christchurch by making regular monthly payments, or ad hoc payments as you are able to. For regular practitioners, it is very helpful if you set up an automatic payment from your own bank account.

Our account details:

Bank: Kiwibank
Branch: Barrington
Account Holder: Rigdrol Yeshe Buddhist Institute (trading as KCL Christchurch)
Account Number: 38-9016-0742376-00

Building Fund, Visiting Teacher Account and Karmapa Visit Account

If you want to contribute to one of the following accounts, your donation will be used for the specified purpose:

  • Visiting teacher account: 38-9016-0742376-03 - to pay for flights and other costs associated with bringing visiting teachers to Christchurch, often from overseas.
  • Karmapa visit account: 38-9016-0742376-04 - to slowly save towards the costs that will one day be associated with a visit to Christchurch by His Holiness Karmapa. Contributing to this account can also be considered as a concrete aspiration for His Holiness Karmapa to visit Christchurch.
  • Building fund account: 38-9016-0742376-02 - for major building-related projects in future.

Financial Management

KCL Christchurch is financially independent of KCL centres in other regions. We have formed a registered charitable trust to handle all our finances carefully in accordance with our trust deed. For historical reasons the trust is named Rigdrol Yeshe Buddhist Institute, but we now operate under the name Kagyu Choeyang Ling Christchurch. All regular participants in our activities are invited to attend meetings where significant budgeting and planning decisions are made, and Lama Assi’s advice is invaluable.